Saturday, August 18, 2012

Read to Self

We started the school year this last Tuesday August 14. I decided to start Read to Self on the very first day by following the instructions suggested by The Two Sisters. After discussing with the students how practicing reading in a sustainable way helps us to become better readers and writers, we made our Read to Self I-Chart. We also talked about building Stamina; then I introduced The 3 Ways to Read a Book. The struggling readers got enthusiastic about being able to just read the pictures of a book, or retell a story they were already familiar with.
On our first day we were able to build stamina for 3 minutes. We had a slight set-back on day 2, when a couple of the boys began commenting about the books they were reading. Thursday and Friday success rang again, and were able to build stamina for up to 7 minutes. On Thursday, day 3, I introduced I-Pick. However, I still control the books available to the children but selecting mostly easy books from which they can choose.
For next week, I plan to introduce Work Work while simultaneously continue building stamina and attempting to reach 20 minutes by the end of the week, by adding 2- 3 minutes daily. More pictures to come!
Saturday, August 4, 2012

Good Fit Books

I just made these posters to introduce Read to Self. Teaching children how to choose the right books for them to read independently is one of the most important components of the Daily 5. Thought it could be fun if children could use these cards for I-PICK:


You can download these posters here!
Thursday, August 2, 2012

Daily 5 Bookmarks

Where did my summer go? Are you feeling like me, thinking that just a few days ago I was packing for the end of the year and now it's time to unpack and set up the classroom for the new school year? I can't believe there is only a few more days (7 exactly) before I meet my new class. Of course, I am excited to meet my new munchkins! Did I mention I am switching schools? Well the excitement is all over the place. Anyhow just to 'relax' I've been planning and creating new things for the upcoming school year.
As I am getting ready to implement (for the second year) the Daily 5 in my classroom, I made new bookmarks for the children to use during reading, but also as a reminder of what Daily 5 stands for. I thought I share them with you!